Start a Tracka'Card Movement

Tracka'Cards™ are unique and fun "trackable" and "sharable" inspirational cards on topics that are designed to acknowledge and appreciate people in and around your life. A proven concept created 20 years ago, this powerful idea is now connected to a unique mobile app that allows you to track your cards the moment you get them and then watch as they are passed along with you choosing who to give it to next.

Each single card has its own tracking number and the opportunity to create their own "ripple" or mini-movement in the lives of the people they touch. Get some cards today and start passing them out so you can see first hand the impact they have on peoples lives.

^ What makes them trackable (card back)

100 CARD VARIETY PACK - $19.95


^ Gratitude (front)

^ Yourself (front)

^ Who You Are (front)

^ Ripple (front)

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